To order individual cuts please use this order form.

To order in bulk, please click here for information and then contact us at the farm.


  • FREE 1lb ground beef for every $75increment of purchase.

Please note that we are sold out of some of our variety box roasts and several other cuts. We will have them available again early fall 2020.

*Your grass-fed beef will be frozen and packaged in meal size portions – 1 pound ground beef and stew meat,1 steak, 3-4 pound roasts*

** Shipping is $33 for up to 50 pounds


Welcome Waterloo Trek employees! Our next monthly order and delivery will be in September. Orders must be placed here by 5pm Monday, September 15th and will be delivered to the parking lot of the Northside Willy St. Co-op for pickup on Wednesday, September 16th 1-2pm. When ordering, select the option to pick up at the Northside Madison location.

Anybody else interested in picking up their order in Madison on September 16th 1-2pm is welcome to do so. Just select that pickup location when you order.