About Us

Englewood Grass Farm is a single family farm, owned and operated by Ben and Kristi Agnew. We’re located in Fountain Prairie, WI, a place known for rolling hills, abundant water sources, and deep fertile clay based soils. Our specific location is also historically known as Englewood.

We purchased our land in 2006 from Ben’s parents and began raising grass-fed cattle in 2008. Over the years we’ve increased the size of our farm and added acreage to our pastures and hay fields. Today we have rich land that provides our cattle with enough quality pasture during the growing season and abundant forages during the cold season.

Ben and Kristi both have farming experience, although quite different. Ben grew up on his family’s dairy farm, milking his family’s herd of dairy cows as soon as he was able. He left for a career in construction, and was brought back to farming by his wife Kristi.

Kristi grew up in rural and suburban settings, gaining interest in sustainable agriculture during her college career. She explored her interest while apprenticing on two organic, biodynamic CSA farms. Together, we decided to continue our farming lives together. Just one stipulation – no milking allowed!

Today we enjoy working on our farm with our four children. Ben is the production manager, primarily responsible for the construction and day to day management of the farm. Kristi is the head of sales, and handles the direct marketing of our beef and all the office work. (Note: she does enjoy raking hay and herding unruly calves!)

As a family we love our farm life and the work we do. It is our great pleasure to raise nourishing grass-fed beef while being stewards of our land, leaving it as healthy as possible for future generations.