It’s been a great season! We’re done butchering for 2018, but our butcher dates are set for the fall of 2019. Contact us to make a reservation .

To order individual cuts please use this order form.  

To order any of our beef boxes please use the beef box order form here.

Purchasing a ¼, ½, or whole is a great way to enjoy all the benefits of Englewood Grass-fed Beef. You get the most bang for your buck and get your meat cut to your specifications. Once you’ve decided on the size of your order, here’s how it works:


  • Price is calculated using the hanging weight (aka on the rail) at $4.25/pound for the meat plus processing at $.66/pound for ¼ or $.55/pound for ½ or whole and the appropriate portion of the $60 handling fee.


  • The weight of your take home cuts will be approximately 60-65% of the hanging weight. For example, if the hanging weight is 100 pounds, you would get approximately 60-65 pounds of cut up beef. The average hanging weight per 1/4 from our 2017 harvest was between 185 and 200 pounds, resulting in 110-130 pounds of retail cuts. The actual weight of your take home cuts will depend on your exact cutting instructions. Selecting more bone-in cuts and keeping more of the good healthy fat will reduce loss.


  • To reserve your order, first contact us to confirm availability and discuss available butcher dates. Then send your deposit to us at the address below. $100 deposit is required per 1/4.

Englewood Grass-fed Beef

W1414 County Rd Z

Fall River, WI 53932


  • We collect your cutting instructions, providing as much assistance as you need.


  • Next we’ll tell you the hanging weight of your order. Then we can calculate the total cost due to Englewood Grass-fed Beef. Your deposit is applied and the remainder due must be received before your beef is picked up.


  • We will notify you when your beef is ready (approximately 2 weeks after the butcher date, that allows for time to dry-age, cut, wrap, and flash freeze) and you pick it up at Country Meat Cutters, in Reeseville, WI. Delivery may be arranged for $50, within 1 hour drive of our farm.


  • When you pick up your beef, you pay Country Meat Cutters for processing: $.66/pound hanging weight + $15.00(handling fee) for 1/4; $.55/pound hanging weight + $30 for 1/2. That is for standard white butcher paper wrapping. Vacuum sealed packaging is available for an additional fee.


  • And then…Enjoy your beef!