Our Animals

Grass-fed cows at Englewood Grass-Fed Beef FarmTo get the desired characteristics for 100% grass-fed beef, we raise a growing herd of Black Angus and British White breeds. These animals are well suited for our farm, tolerating the extreme yearly weather cycles we experience in our part of the country. They are a docile, low stress animal with a moderate frame size that allows them to grow efficiently on a 100% grass diet.

Our cattle are born and raised to maturity on our farm, something we believe is crucial to obtaining the quality our customers have come to expect. By allowing our calves to remain here with their mothers and maintaining a single herd, there is great benefit to the pastures. In turn, the pasture can be the most beneficial to the herd. This symbiotic relationship is the cornerstone to our success as grass-fed beef farmers and good stewards of the land.